I spent a season as an assistant under Ed Fritz at Blue Valley Northwest in Overland Park, Kansas.

Ed Fritz coached in the McDonald’s All-American game last year. He also won five state championships in the last seven years!

During my season under Coach Fritz, he used an effective defensive strategy over Holiday Break.

It was vital for our surge to the 6A state championship game in Kansas as it helped us win some close games.

The strategy is quite simple.

You implement a secondary defense over Holiday Break.

In two different games, we used this secondary defense on a final possession to win close games. This was vital in getting home court advantage and a favorable seed for playoffs!

In both games on the final possession, Coach Fritz showed a soft full court man to man defense and then dropped back into a zone defense.

Both games, it rattled the offense and they heaved up desperation shots! And this was against two veteran state championship coaches.

In another game, Coach Fritz used the secondary defense for an entire game to crush an opponent that played us closely in the first game.

You can even use a secondary defense interchangeably with your primary defense to disrupt your opponent's offensive rhythm.

You can also use this approach with zone defense as your primary defense.

Al Marshall won 738 games and rarely played anything but a 2-3 zone defense in his last 20 years of coaching.

During two games in the regular season, they beat a rival by only a few points each time.

So Coach Marshall did something extremely rare when he had to play this rival a third time during playoffs…

He switched from his vaunted zone defense to a full court man to man defense. And it worked!

They ended up beating their rival by 30 points.

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Best of luck to a successful second half of the season!

- Joe and Jeff Haefner
Breakthrough Basketball


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