When an offense has stood the test of time, there is a reason...IT WORKS!

The Princeton Offense has been used for years to get easy backdoor lay ups and open shots! And it works especially well against aggressive man-man defenses.

Watch the video clips and read more here...

The Princeton Offense - Making Defenses Pay with Layups and 3s


Big Rocks…

Don Kelbick wrote a great article called Put the Big Rocks In First. Make sure to give it a read. I think you will enjoy the video from the young kid as well.

This last time I read the article I thought about how you can apply this to your life.

It’s easy to get into auto-pilot and start neglecting the Big Rocks in your life.

One big rock that I found that I was neglecting was family time… not the amount of time, but the amount of time that was focused without distractions.

I was physically present, but I wasn’t as mentally present as I should be.

I was on my iphone answering emails. I’d read about basketball, fitness, and investing. At times, I’d even spend too much time on social media. Except for Breakthrough Basketball purposes, I actually eliminated social media from my life at the beginning of the year.

So we dedicated one hour to our kids each day after school. No phones, no computers, no TV… it’s 100% time with the kids.

We simply play tag, ride bikes or scooters, jump on a trampoline, play soccer, wrestle, think of different ways to bear crawls and crab crawls, go to a playground or park, and other fun physical activities. 

Or as you can see to the right, it can be simply walking around, finding a bench, and eating some popcorn. That’s my four year old Sutton and myself.

By the way, I think I hit the jackpot on an awesome game to do with your children. You simply play tag at the playground.

You end up crawling through tunnels, climbing walls & ropes, and running all over the place. And a lot of research says those things are great for a child’s mental and physical development.

On top of that, it’s a really good workout!

We like to go early on Saturday and Sunday mornings. There are rarely people at the playground. So if you want to play with them, this is a great time to go. If other children are there, I just encourage my two boys Sutton and Gunner to play tag with them.

You should try it. But be careful, you might enjoy it more than your kids.

Well, I hope you’re enjoying this Holiday and basketball season thus far! And please let us know if you need help with anything.

All the best,

- Joe and Jeff Haefner
Breakthrough Basketball


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