You can find four more great plays added to our popular article Lethal Plays for All Offenses.

This includes actions from the San Antonio Spurs, Spain, and Latvia.

Like the first six plays in the article, these new plays (Plays 7 through 10) utilize a flex action to disorganize the defense. Then you hit your opponent with a secondary action that is sure to create an offensive advantage.

This includes...

  • The hammer action to get your shooter a wide open look.
  • A ball screen misdirection action that ends with a backside lob.
  • A dribble handoff action that isolates your best post player for a lob or post entry.
  • A simplistic post entry that counters an aggressive defender.

Also, if you didn’t read the first part of the article in previous newsletters, be sure to do so!

If you scroll to the top, it explains in detail why the initial flex action is vital for making these secondary actions even more effective.

You can take a look at the new plays below…

4 New Plays from Spurs, Spain, and Latvia


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