This unique drill teaches your players how to get to the basket more quickly and effectively.

With the teaching points and progressions within this drill, your players learn how to lengthen their dribble and move in straight lines. These are two critical components to putting constant pressure on the defense and forcing it to breakdown.

In fact, as you progress throughout the drill, many of your players can reach the basket from half court with one dribble!

And at the beginning of the video, you will also learn a vital tip that makes LeBron and other great rim attackers like Russell Westbrook so effective.

New "LeBron" Drill To Attack Rim FASTER

Dribble handoffs are becoming more prevalent in the game of basketball. In fact, if you use ball screens, dribble handoffs are a great way to mix things up and keep the defense off balance.

However, defenses have adapted. They have started to use tactics to make the dribble handoff more difficult to execute.

As a result, the Charlotte Hornets started using this neat little tactic to counter defenders that overplay the dribble handoff.

Check it out:

Here Is A Clever Way To Counter Defenses That Overplay Your Dribble Handoff (video of Charlotte Hornets)

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