New Article: 5 BDT Drills and Updated Video

Previously, we mentioned the importance of combining decision making with your skill development drills. And that utilizing Basketball Decision Training (BDT) Drills from Chris Oliver was a great way to do so!

Here is a new article and updated video that introduces and explains Basketball Decision Training with five drill progressions.

5 Basketball Decision Training Drills for Shooting, Ball Handling, Passing, and Lay Ups



Innovative BDT Skill Development Camps - Shooting, Ball Handling, and Decision Training

If you’d like to participate with this innovative BDT training as a player or observe as a parent or coach, you can check out the BDT Camps.

These camps were created by Chris Oliver. This is a comprehensive skill development camp that covers shooting, ball handling, passing, finishing, decision training, and more!

There are 30 locations across North America.

BDT Skill Development Camps: Shooting, Ball Handling, and Decision Training



- Joe Haefner 
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