New Video: The Ultimate Lay Up Drill with 5 Essential Lay Ups

This is one of the best drills to improve your ability to make more lay ups! You learn how to make different types of lay ups from every angle of the basket. You can also easily modify the drill to practice any finishing move! This is great for all age levels and skill levels.

And it shows you great variations to practice finishing against live defenders.

In the first few variations, we also show you...

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Don Kelbick’s Attack and Counter Basketball Camps

After last week’s series on the Attack & Counter Skill Development System, there were many questions about camps. You can attend as a player to participate and as a coach or parent to observe.

If you want to see all of the locations, learn more about the camps, how to register, check out the Attack & Counter Basketball Camp Schedule.

Currently, Don Kelbick is the only one that leads the camps, so there are only 15 of these camps across North America this year. Take advantage if you can!

The early-bird discount expires on Sunday, April 14th for the summer basketball camps!


We appreciated Coach Kelbick's no-nonsense approach... his desire to teach every kid… get as many reps as possible with their new skills… great for footwork… develop a more aggressive approach to the game

“The Attack & Counter camp was my son's second camp with Breakthrough Basketball, and my daughter's first. Their experience was excellent all three days. Coach Kelbick has an engaging personality, a wealth of personal stories to share, and the players clearly respected the lessons he was there to provide. Coach Kelbick invites players to demonstrate drills throughout the camp, and our son really enjoyed the extra coaching and reps he received when he volunteered, even when he ended up being "toast."

The Attack & Counter camp is great for players who have a solid skill set but have never considered the importance of their footwork, and also for those who need to develop a more aggressive approach to the game. It was a three hour drive, two nights in a hotel and three days of camp for us - but it was a great experience. Both of our players learned a lot, and both parents learned a lot! We have already recommended this camp to others and plan to attend it again the next time it's offered in our region.”

- Scott Hughes


Great job, and great camp! Drilled the attack mentality into the players’ heads...By end of camp, changed the way they played...Kept the interest of my daughter. ”

“I thought Don's take on the game of basketball was refreshing. He really drilled the attack mentality into the players’ heads. He broke basketball down into very simple terms, stressing that the same things happen over and over again, the only thing that changes is the situation. By the end of the camp I could see what Don had told the players over and over many times during the camp start to sink in and change the way they played. It was very good to see my daughters start to get that mentality.

I thought the camp was well run, and all of the drills were things that players can do by themselves at home. Don obviously has a lifetime of basketball knowledge with a unique and effective way of teaching it to the players. There were a lot of ball handling and one on one drills that I haven't seen before, which I thought was very refreshing, and kept the interest of my daughters as well. Great job, and great camp!”

- Adam Simington


If you want to learn more and register, look at the:

Attack & Counter Basketball Camp Schedule




- Joe Haefner 
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