If you are training with a partner or by yourself, here are some great ways to organize your shooting drills to maximize efficiency and to make the drills as game-like as possible. That way, you actually shoot better during games instead of just during practice!

You also learn a great way to practice game-like reactions that are random without a defender. Prior to the shot, you don’t know what you’re going to do. Just like a game, the repetition changes each time on whether to shoot, attack, or pass.

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How to Find Shooting Camps Near You!

You can view all of the shooting camps by clicking on the following links.

Breakthrough Shooting Camps

Breakthrough Shooting, Ball Handling, & Finishing Camps


Camp Question: Shooting Camp or Shooting, Ball Handling, & Finishing Camp?

Hey Joe, my son really needs to work on his shot. However, I’m not sure which camp would work best. Is the shooting camp the best way to go? What’s the difference between that and the shooting and ball handling camp?

Joe Haefner’s Response:

Great question! I don’t think you can go wrong with either one. Both will teach you vital techniques, progressions, and mentality to be a great shooter.

However, at the Shooting Camp, you will get more repetitions practicing your shot. So you might see more progress over a shorter amount of time.

With the Shooting, Ball Handling, and Finishing Camp, you spend a few hours practicing your shooting technique. However, you also spend a good chunk of time improving 1v1 attack skills where you work on ball handling, triple threat moves, and finishing around the basket. In essence, you learn to be a great shooter and scorer.

So if your child is great at finishing and ball handling, and you have the availability, maybe the shooting camp is the best choice.

If you want your child to improve at shooting and scoring, maybe the shooting, ball handling, and finishing camp is the best bet.

The great thing is that you can attend each camp multiple times and keep improving and pick up new things. So you’re not going to go wrong either way.

Jeff Haefner, Jim Huber, and I developed these camps, so we could send our own children to each camp over and over again. Jeff has already done this with his kids. Jim and I are next!


Also, three things to keep in mind for camps.

1 - Camps are selling out.

2 - Many spring camps are starting very soon.

3 - The 20% early-bird discount for the summer camp expires in April.

So if you’re interested, you might want to take a look now.

There is a great feature on our website that allows you to search by State, Age Level, and Month. You can use that and view all of the camps in your area.

If you want to view the shooting camps, you still need to scroll down and view the headings that say Shooting Camps or Shooting & Ball Handling Camps.

Breakthrough Camps - Search By Age, Month, and State



- Joe Haefner
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