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Improve Your Team’s Shooting! 44 Breakthrough Shooting Camps

This camp teaches players drills and progression to build a better shot. Players also learn how to have a quicker release and extend their shooting range. Take a look at our Breakthrough Shooting Camps.

Here is what some people have said about our shooting camps:

Former Varsity Coach Impressed - Sending Son to another Breakthrough Camp Next Week!

I liked the structure. The time spent on minor details may have seemed like a long time to some kids, but these are things that most players would likely not do on their own. By the time they finished with those detail sessions, they were pretty comfortable with those details. By the time the camp was finished, each player was very comfortable in the basics of a good shot. I think kids were engaged for the most part.

I like how Prileu held kids accountable when they were messing around. It helped to make sure that campers who were serious could still benefit from the camp without the distraction of kids messing around. He did a really good job of controlling that. We really enjoyed our time. I thought Prileu made a real effort to get around to each basket and try to touch each kid with a word of encouragement and something to work on.

We are headed to Manton, MI this weekend (for another camp). We are really looking forward to it.

- Mike Donovan - Stryker, Ohio Shooting Camp

“Best basketball clinic he has ever participated in…Organized... High Repetitions…. Instructors care about the kids…”

Everything was very organized. You can tell the instructors really care about the kids and want them to learn the skills. They also want them to be better kids and to be thankful for the opportunities that they have in life.

- Tommy Benjamin - Phoenix, Arizona Shooting Camp

"My son and I learned a lot about shooting and footwork… I'm signing my son up for the next camp."

The drills were great! The camp was fun, and the time was used efficiently. I liked the station lines, and how coach Quentin showed examples of each drill in the station lines. Also, each station had two coaches to move the drill along and correct any mistakes. Also, coach Quentin's five minute discussions with the campers after each session about life, hard work, being thankful and being a good person was great for the kids to hear.

My son and I learned a lot about shooting and footwork. Coach Quentin Mitchell and his staff did an excellent job. I'm signing my son up for the next camp.

- Marcus Moulton - Chicago, Illinois Shooting Camp

“Very organized. High repetitions. Very knowledgeable coaches. Very friendly coach.“

- Dave Berkey - Columbus, Ohio Shooting Camp

21 camps have sold out and some starting soon!

Some of our spring camps are starting soon.

And you can get a 20% early-bird discount on our summer camps until Sunday, April 15th.

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Breakthrough Shooting Camps


- Joe Haefner & Jeff Haefner
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