After watching Chris Oliver present at a coaching clinic, it caused 50 year coaching veteran and former NBA coach of the year Del Harris to stand up and address the coaches attending.

At the end, he said, “Nobody is teaching it (skill development and decision making) like that. That’s wonderful!”

If you want to learn how Chris Oliver coaches and teaches, check out this NEW video on YouTube that we just posted. You can also learn more about his camps below.

The video is a great mini-clinic on how to make your drills better and coach your drills better! He not only teaches and corrects within the drill, he explains to you why he’s stopping and correcting certain actions. It’s a great video for skill development, offense, and defense!

There is also a free bonus that you can find out more about when watching the video. The PDF also explains little things that Coach Oliver does in the video that results in better coaching, better teams, and more wins!

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Chris Oliver’s Zero Seconds Skills Training and Basketball Decision Training Camps

Chris Oliver also developed a basketball camp curriculum that employs many of his zero seconds and BDT philosophies.

You can attend as a player to participate in the camp or observe as a coach, trainer, or parent.

Ball Handling, Shooting, and Decision Training (BDT) Camps by Chris Oliver


Denver Nuggets assistant coach Charles Klask said this…

“I have already incorporated so many of the BDT teachings into my skill development work. Talk about ‘athlete satisfaction’, each one of the players I implemented the BDT concepts with loved the drills. They are engaged and focused throughout the work. They also feel a sense of accomplishment through a very limited number of shots so the work can be very efficient.”

Georgia Bulldogs head coach Tom Crean said this…

“Chris Oliver has an impressive and insightful way to see the game and the only thing better than his ability to see it is his ability to teach it to others. He’s increasing his reach to others all the time and we are all better for it. He’s taking a players proactive approach to another level.”

Parent says that son has "Confidence to make something happen… He is making better, quicker decisions now, and he is much more aggressive.”

“I really like the fact that the kids were able to get many more reps at this camp as compared to others. I could see my son going through a transformation, if you will. He went in as a shy kid that would avoid driving or shooting and would rather pass the ball and not attack to a kid with a few more moves than I knew he had, but now with the confidence to make something happen. He is making better, quicker decisions now, and he is much more aggressive. When he tried something new to him and it didn't work out the way he wanted, he did not shy away from it but would try it again when the next opportunity came up.”

- Jarrett Hoffman at Washington, Iowa Camp

You can register to learn more by clicking the location on the following page:

Schedule: Ball Handling, Shooting, and Decision Training (BDT) Camps by Chris Oliver



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