In the coaching world, you constantly hear game-like, game-like, game-like. Your drills need to be game-like.

While there is definitely merit to game-like drills, this coaching approach could cost you over the long run, unless you tweak it.

In this article, you’ll learn about a different approach you can use with youth players, high school players, and even really good college players.

This approach has led to things that might appear very ODD -- without the proper context.

In this article, we’ll talk about…
  • Unorthodox methods used to improve strength, fluidity, and coordination in your jump shot… You don’t even use a basketball.
  • Why I have changed my stance on “circus” ball handling drills.
  • An outside-the-box idea to improve separation on your jump shots off the dribble.
Take a look.


Joe Haefner & Jeff Haefner
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