On a ball screen, many players are great at beating the initial defenders. However, if you want to be an elite level player, you must be able to finish over the helpside defense as well.

That’s precisely what this 1v1 flat ball drill helps you improve on.

Here’s the...

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Shooting is one of the most important skills in basketball! Good shooters spread the floor, create bigger driving lanes, and create better passing lanes.

This helps you wreak havoc on the defense and score more points!

One way to do this is with our Breakthrough Shooting Camps.

Many coaches and parents have given high praise on the camps. They enjoy the high level of instruction, step-by-step process, and practical drills that can be taken home to practice. They also enjoy the character development and mentality that will help them with basketball and life.

Here are just a couple of testimonials...


Former Varsity Coach Impressed - Sending Son to another Breakthrough Camp Next Week

“I liked the structure. The time spent on minor details may have seemed like a long time to some kids, but these are things that most players would likely not do on their own. By the time they finished with those detail sessions, they were pretty comfortable with those details. By the time the camp was finished, each player was very comfortable in the basics of a good shot. I think kids were engaged for the most part.

I like how the coaches held kids accountable when they were messing around. It helped to make sure that campers who were serious could still benefit from the camp without the distraction of kids messing around. He did a really good job of controlling that. We really enjoyed our time. I thought the lead directors made a real effort to get around to each basket and try to touch each kid with a word of encouragement and something to work on.

We are headed to Manton, MI this weekend (for another camp). We are really looking forward to it.”

- Mike Donovan from Stryker, Ohio


"Breakthrough Basketball has, by far, taught her the most!"

“Very fast paced, high standards and very organized! I love how setting goals and mindset was stressed. We have been to many camps and Breakthrough Basketball has, by far, taught her the most!

Thank you for considering us. Please feel free to use our comments and name since we were very honored to be part of your camp and feel like our daughter, Jenna, has many skills that she can now apply at home! Thank you for offering such a wonderful opportunity to our kids!”

- Jamie Olin from Stoughton, Wisconsin


You can see the entire Breakthrough Shooting Camps Schedule across North America. If you’re looking for other camps, just scroll to the top of the page.


- Joe Haefner
Breakthrough Basketball


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