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PostPosted: 21 Feb 2019, 16:31 

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Hello, Joe and Jeff. Thank you so much for your excellent posts and website.

I am a high school coach in London, England, with many years' experience.

I asked a Spanish coach/friend of mine this question and was surprised at his answer.

How do you teach a young player on the right wing to receive the pass (from the Point Guard, say), having used a V-cut to get free on the right side of the basket (as we look at it)?

Obviously, we want our player to catch the ball and pivot quickly to be able to beat his defender. Specifically, what are his foot steps?

Many thanks,

Coach Jack

PostPosted: 22 Feb 2019, 10:42 
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When using a Vcut we often teaching players to use a reverse pivot (inside pivot) to create space on the perimeter and get feet ready to shoot. Then you have the option to sweep (rip) or fake rip and step through. But we're not too strict about it. We just teach all the key foot footwork (front pivot / 1-2 step, reverse pivot, and hops) and the counters. Then show players some situations that might use the footwork. Then let them play via small sided games or scrimmages -- choosing their footwork and make decisions. If coaches see a better way, we might steer players toward certain footwork and teach them how to better handle certain situations. But we try to keep it simple and not over coach.

In some cases if you already know you're driving, you might not even pivot... you might do right into a split step.

There are lots of different theories and ways coaches teach this footwork. But the bottom line if you need to be able to shoot quickly and accurately when catching the ball. Or you need to be able to beat defenders on first step drive. There are many ways to go about this and as long as it's effective I don't think there's a right or wrong method. In fact, I have players on my team that use different footwork and I go with what is comfortable for each player and teach individuals different on the team. That might not work for all coaches but that's how I do it.

Jeff Haefner

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