Defining Shooting Techniques?
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Author:  Rick Penny [ 04 Sep 2015, 14:55 ]
Post subject:  Defining Shooting Techniques?

How would you define a One Motion or one-piece shot?

I define a One Motion shot as ... having one distinct movement throughout the shooting process with no stops or pauses from start to finish. Once the ball starts up it never slows down.

Techniques that utilize the "Dip" are categorized as two-motion shots. Why? Because starting from the dip ... the ball loops up and back (first distinct movement), stops or pauses, and then changes direction towards the basket (second distinct movement).

The number of "distinct movements", within the shooting process, is the determining factor as to whether a technique is either One Motion (one-piece) or two-piece.

What do you think?

Rick Penny
One Motion Shooting

Author:  edge_coe [ 23 Sep 2015, 12:00 ]
Post subject:  Re: Defining Shooting Techniques?

That definition of a one motion technique sounds good to me, once the ball starts up it does not slow down or stop.

There are players that appear to shoot one motion from a dip (Steve Kerr for example), young uninstructed players tend to shoot that way, at least they do it that way here where i live :)

I´m trusting the starting point you teach is the most efficient for accuracy, speed, power and versatility because i´m trying to adopt the things you explain in your video coming from a two piece shot

Author:  Rick Penny [ 23 Sep 2015, 14:29 ]
Post subject:  Re: Defining Shooting Techniques?

Certain players like Stephen Curry and Steve Kerr "dip" the ball yet have quick releases. They're successful doing that because once their shooting motion begins, the ball doesn't stop or slow down during the shooting process.

Experience and observation have shown that anytime a shooter "dips", the ball always loops up & back before heading toward the basket. Breakdown any shooter using slow motion video, including Curry and Kerr, and you'll see this taking place!

With One Motion, the starting point or SET position allows each shooter to obtain maximum timing, rhythm, speed, and power without looping the ball up & back. One Motion takes the ball UP and AT the basket which is a more efficient movement and takes less time to perform.

Rick Penny
One Motion Shooting

Author:  christianb28 [ 05 Oct 2015, 09:17 ]
Post subject:  Re: Defining Shooting Techniques?

From watching film of shooter's such as Steph, Steve Kerr, Chris Jackson, etc even though they are thought of as one motion shooters they have a slight pause in their shots. That pause is occurring while they are bringing the ball approximately to eye level. What makes their shooting motion fluid is the fact that the pause is very brief. The longer the pause, the more you have to jump and the less power you have at your disposal which causes some to use their arms. The more brief the pause, the more power you have available in your shot, the easier it is to shoot from farther out and the less you have to jump. This the reason why Steph can consistently pull from 28+ with ease and effortlessness.

Author:  Rick Penny [ 05 Oct 2015, 19:10 ]
Post subject:  Re: Defining Shooting Techniques?


Well stated and I agree 100% with your thoughts. Having an efficient shooting process is the key to effortless shooting!

I believe the Dip detracts from efficiency. It causes the ball to loop up & back and then stop/pause at eye level before heading toward the basket. With One Motion, the ball path up is more direct (no looping action) and it's non-stop from start to finish which provides for a quicker release.

That little difference (how the ball goes up) is what sets One Motion apart from techniques that Dip the ball. The result is a better "feeling" throughout the shooting process.

Rick Penny
One Motion Shooting

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