Pressure Offense into 4-Out
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Author:  mattdurstewitz [ 04 Nov 2016, 11:59 ]
Post subject:  Pressure Offense into 4-Out

Hey all,

I used the Pressure Defense last year but offensively I used The System, popularized by Loyola Marymount. I am thinking about using the Pressure Offense this year to change things up. In the DVD Coach Haske mentioned that he generally prefers 3out, 2in. I am more of a 5out/4out coach since we are small. What adjustments could be made in the transition offense to allow us to easily get into my 4out/5out system.



Author:  JeffHaefner [ 07 Nov 2016, 09:01 ]
Post subject:  Re: Pressure Offense into 4-Out

Coach - Most of his transition either starts with or ends up with a 4 out formation. The 4 man is usually around high post or close to perimeter... so if you want just keep him on perimeter.

So the 4 out should be pretty natural. Very minor adjustments and you're there.

To get to 5 out, you can do the exact same thing... then once transition is over and you start motion,... the 5 man in the post can clear to perimeter or back-screen out to get into a 5 out formation.

If you have questions, let us know. We run mostly 5 out with all our teams but we use a rim runner to get a quick post up in transition... so we basically start in a 41 formation. Then we flow right into 5 out if we don't get anything in transition. For us anytime a player cuts into a lane they can choose one of these options:
1 - Clear to perimeter
2 - Post up (temporary post)
3 - Back screen

So for us, that first rim runner is just a "lane cut" and we treat it the same... the same rules apply.

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