Bug - when editing a prior play, and a question
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Author:  stevenhsommer [ 11 Apr 2018, 13:45 ]
Post subject:  Bug - when editing a prior play, and a question

Hi Team,

I found a bug this weekend, and wanted to let you know. Select a previous play from the play-by-play history. Then select the player (because you want to change it). This brings up a list of players for you to choose from. When you pick a player, some other player gets selected. I needed to randomly select a bunch of players until I got the right one (by selecting the wrong one). I could possibly make a video of this happening if you can't reproduce it.

Also, while I'm here, is there, is it possible to change the team the play is associated with? Or is the only way to do that to delete the play and re-enter it (probably at the wrong location now)?


Author:  dennis [ 13 Apr 2018, 09:06 ]
Post subject:  Re: Bug - when editing a prior play, and a question


Thanks for pointing that out. We made some changes in that area recently and must have created that problem. We will get it fixed in a future release.

Sorry, for the slow response. I missed this forum entry when I responded to your other entry a couple of days ago.

By the way, the fastest and most direct way to get something to us in support is by using the app. Go to About then select Contact. That will send an email directly to appsupport.


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