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PostPosted: 07 May 2020, 02:15 

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I have a couple of questions which I would be grateful to have answered:
1) The rim I play on is higher than 10 feet ( 4-5 inches higher ).
As it is the only one available, so do you think I would get better at shooting under such circumstances...

2) I shoot better if I listen to music during practice... Is it a bad habit ( Because there is no music in the game ) ???


PostPosted: 08 May 2020, 10:51 
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1) Ideally you shoot at regulation hoop. Some practice at that hoop is better than no practice. But I would suggest trying to find a regulation hoop to use... even if it's half the time so you're mot always shooting a high hoop.

2) You should train yourself to be able to shoot well both with music and without music. With the music on you're mostly like more relaxed and/or it just got in your head you shoot better with music (self fulfilling prophesy). You could just completely eliminate the music and then with enough reps, you will grow confidence and be able to shoot without it. Or just try 50% practice with and 50% without. If it's still a problem, relax yourself with mantras when you shoot... on every shot tell yourself you don't care if it goes in or not... say "nice shot, I can do better".... whether it goes in or not. Then you can start training your mind and body to relax. Just shoot. No matter how good you get, some will go in and some won't. That's just basketball.

Good luck!

Jeff Haefner

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