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Author:  timrobinson50269 [ 04 Nov 2020, 12:37 ]
Post subject:  Floater

Sup coach, I just have a question, how would you shoot a floater? I wanna know how to shoot it, so I can make more floater attempts , as I struggle to hit the shot. I wanna know how to practice the shot, so I can it more in game.

Author:  JeffHaefner [ 05 Nov 2020, 11:25 ]
Post subject:  Re: Floater

As far as how to shoot a floater, watching a video to learn how is probably the best way to learn. You can shoot it off 1 foot jump or off 2 foot jump. You should treat this as it's own shot that you practice. For example, a free throw is a shot you need to practice a lot to get good at. The 3pt shot is something you have to practice to get good at. The floater is another type of shot you have to practice a lot to get good at.

When practicing, try to simulate the situations and the speed that happens in an actual game. Start with a triple threat move like a sweep, jab, or shot fake... explode to the basket and pull up into your floater. You can also start from various 1v1 dribble moves (cross over, in/out, etc)... attack the basket full speed and then go into your floater. Try to randomize your starting position and distance starting from the basket... so you simulate what actually happens in a game.

Get lots of reps practicing and good luck!

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