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PostPosted: 06 Mar 2020, 15:06 

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I coach a JV boys team. I want them to get stronger / quicker. I know I could get some turnout preseason for weight training, but my main question is about in-season lifting.

We typically have practice for about 2 hours a day Monday-Friday until games pick up. With that in mind here are my questions:

1. How realistic is it to have players to come in and lift/train when they already have two hours of practice? I say this because I don't think I could officially require athletes to do lifting at my level.
2. If you do have players come in and lift/train, how long do you do it for and how often when you are in season? Do you cut practice time at all in order to lift / do agility training?


PostPosted: 08 Mar 2020, 08:19 
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Typically I see high school teams lift once or twice a week during the season... depending on the schedule that week. If it's a busy schedule with games,etc... might only lift once. Lifting is usually about 45 minutes and designed with the in-season demands in mind. Legs might be more for maintenance of strength and where upper body might get pushed a little more. And so on.

Lifting is usually in the morning or after practice. In most cases, it's just a maintenance program so players don't lose the strength they gained during the off season. Now you can still make improvements during the season, but it's slower and you have to be more mindful about the load put on the athletes.

Practice is not usually cut short.

For agility, that is usually done in the context of practice on the court. Might be during defensive drills, as an example.

Each situation is different. But in my experience, that is what I have seen at most high schools.

Jeff Haefner

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