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PostPosted: 26 Feb 2018, 13:36 

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for those coaches out there...just curious...i plan to have a summer team of 6th grader (going to be 7th grade) boys...practice 2-3 times per week for 2 hours each...1 game per week...for 8-9 goal is to help the boys improve all facets of the game...

if coached properly, how much can i expect the boys to improve?...right now they are reasonably skilled but probably average players when competing against the elite teams...basically i was hoping the schedule i have above is enough to see meaningful improvements...or am i dreaming and physical talent will trump hard work over the summer as we approach next season?

i feel i am too close to the boys to ascertain whether they are really improving or just working hard without much to show for it...we play elite teams and get killed but i think we are improving...a summer of hard work is what i hope to demonstrate will help the boys better compete and ultimately prevail...

any advice? or suggestions as to how i might see improvements on a daily or weekly basis?

for me, i think there is the beginning of the year my players could not dribble through their legs or behind their back, could not hit more than 20% of their free throws or complete 5 good passes in a game without turning the ball they all can dribble (although they are reluctant to go between legs or behind back in games), their free throws are at 50% and they can pass reasonably well (still lots of turnovers when pressured)...but scoring has been a challenge and especially taking the ball to the basket to score or dish has been something that improvement seems slight if at all...

any help would be appreciated...

PostPosted: 27 Feb 2018, 10:34 
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It depends.

If you get a raw player with limited experience but lots of talent... you can see major improvements in a short time. Or if you have players that are just missing a few ballhandling / footwork fundamentals,... you can see improvement quite quickly.

But in other cases it's a slow process. Shooting and finishing can takes years to develop. It's a never ending process of improvement... maybe improving 2-4% each year. That is barely noticeable. But if you start at 25% shooting, practice for 7 years, a 3% improve each year gets you up to 46%. That is a HUGE improvement but it took 7 years.

So for my teams, all our players have the basic fundamentals down. So the improvement is not as noticeable. It's a long term process that takes years.

I'd say that shooting, weak hand dribbling, and decision making take the longest. And it's hard to see the obvious improvement.

The bottom line is this. Coaching youth basketball is a marathon, not a sprint.

And when it comes to basketball at all levels, talent make a HUGE difference. Yes all players develop and will improve. But you can only improve so much and reality is that natural talent plays a huge part into a player performance and winning games.

Jeff Haefner

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