Making detailed practice plans
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Author:  Coach Andy [ 08 Aug 2014, 15:56 ]
Post subject:  Re: Making detailed practice plans

I like having a list of what I want to cover and the time written down. For a lot of my teams, I'm lucky if we get 90 minutes a week for practice (youth basketball, permits for the league to use the outdoor courts add up, so each team gets 90 minutes of "permitted time"). And renting a gym is expensive - about $50/hour for most of the loca lgyms, a bit steep to ask parents to cover that for rec ball.

I found that having the list of what drill I wanted to do, the start/end time really helped me out. I could also plan out where I needed cones etc. if a drill called for them so I could lay them all out before practice and lose minimal time between drills reseting cones or equipment for a drill.

One thing I have found though is it helps to be a bit flexible - if a drill is going really well, the kids are enoyingit and it is a skill we need to work on (which is really all of them at this age - 6-10 year olds for the two teams I am with), I'll let a drill go a little long. If a drill really is not working, the kids aren;t getting it or I am just losing them, I will cut a drill short if I have something else i can put together real quick to cover the skill.

I have also found that most kids love to scrimmage... whether it;s just a regular scrimmage or my favorite that Igot from this site - the 3on3 or 4on4 no dribbling allowed scrimmage, the kids love it - I plan that for the end of my practice and let the kids know that the less goofing of and the more focus on the drills we need to do, the more time we can allot for the scrimmage - on the flip side, each time they goof off or slack off, I let them know that they are costingthemselves scrimmage time. One practice without a scrimmage and they start to police themselves real quick

This has carried over and worked great for the soccer and flag football teams I also coach.

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