Offensive sets (how many for high school)
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Author:  jasonbragg1011 [ 16 Mar 2018, 12:10 ]
Post subject:  Offensive sets (how many for high school)

I was just curious how many set plays you normally have for a high school team? We have a really good post player and some quick guards so I run a 4 out 1 in motion offense as our base for freedom of movement (and a couple zone base offense). I usually have 5 or so sets to go over with them (when we need a basket, out of a timeout, or end of game).

Curious how many sets everyone else has (not including inbounds plays, strictly half court sets).

Author:  JeffHaefner [ 18 Mar 2018, 06:24 ]
Post subject:  Re: Offensive sets (how many for high school)

We usually have 1 to 3 half court set plays. I know some coaches have 20-30 half court set plays.

Author:  mhagness [ 30 Sep 2021, 09:25 ]
Post subject:  Re: Offensive sets (how many for high school)

What I personally like to do is install some form of a continuity offense with multiple options and teach them to run it from both sides of the floor. There are hundreds of them out there, so whenever you find one that fits your team, teach them how to run it from the left and right side.

As far as naming them goes, if you're running a continuity offense from say Michigan State, you would call it "Michigan State" on the right side and "Spartan" from the left side.

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