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PostPosted: 19 Oct 2017, 16:52 

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Hello. I'm a first-time basketball coach for a 'C' Division 8th grade boys team in NY city. We've had 4 practices so far and at this point I have a good feel for each player's strengths and weaknesses. I'm trying to establish an "offensive philosophy" without running too many set plays. I don't want the players to have to remember too much too soon especially since we really need to focus on fundamentals at this point. I would appreciate any suggestions for running a simple, but effective offense. I was reading about the 5 out or the 4 out/1 in offenses. They seem to be pretty simple to learn and teach. I would appreciate any advice.
Thank you.

PostPosted: 19 Oct 2017, 19:05 
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I've been running simple motion offense for a number of years now and I'm a big fan. Like you said, time is spent on fundamentals instead of memorizing plays.

I have run 5 out and 4 out over the years. Now we just run motion... it can take various forms and I just want players to keep space. If I had to pick I'd say it's more of a 5 out with a decent number of temporary post ups based on situation and personell (try to let kids make decisions and improve their IQ).

When we did run 4 out we kept our post on weakside. This opened up drives and cuts from guards. And got just as many post ups by "letting the ball come to you" on the reversals. Seal on the reversal and if you don't get it go back to weakside. Allow high post or even perimeter flashes to when need pressure release or they just see something.

If I had to pick something, I'd say the Kelbick Motion Offense DVD is closest to what we run. Works at all levels, simple and it works.

If anything else we can help with let us know.

Jeff Haefner

PostPosted: 20 Oct 2017, 08:03 

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Thank you Jeff. I appreciate your time and your suggestions.

PostPosted: 20 Oct 2017, 11:42 

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Like what I hear on the "fundamentals" part. I'm a big advocate of doing a few things really well rather than having an arsenal of things done at a mediocre level.

Things like:

- setting up a cut
- sprinting cuts
- cutting all the way to the basket
- waiting for the screen to be set before taking off
- how to set a proper screen/pick
- how to use a ball screen if you're the dribbler

I could go on, but getting a few of the the fundamental "moving parts" in any offense down will pay big dividends down the road.


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