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PostPosted: 02 Nov 2015, 12:46 

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I am about to embark on my first season as a middle school basketball coach. I've coached Rec/Travel/AAU in the past, but this is my first opportunity at trying a school team. As such, I am not overly familiar with the player pool. I know a few of the kids, but not many.

My question has to do with identifying players during the tryouts. Since I don't know many kids, and know even fewer first AND last names, I am going to need a process of identifying the kids so that I can eventually put notes to players for the actual selection.

Does anyone have any alternatives to, or suggestions for better implementation of, putting numbers on players? Generally, in the past I've run into multiple issues with the "sticker with a number on it" process:
- The set up can take a long time, especially if you pin the numbers instead of sticking them
- If a sticker is used, they often fall off
- The number is usually put on the front and rarely facing a coach when a player does a strong drive to the hoop, or the like

Anyways, does anyone have a process that they use that they can share? Or is safety-pinning numbers to kids the only way?

Thanks for any help.

PostPosted: 02 Nov 2015, 14:01 

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The best method I've seen ( unless you have unlimited practice jerseys with diff #'s) is the safety pin method. I've seen some schools conduct preregistration before tryouts to get everyone's name and assign a number at that time. Each player is given safety pins and their paper with a number and are expected to have it pinned on the back of their shirt for tryouts. It's not perfect as some kids lose numbers, pins, forget, but it cuts down on the whole safety pin fiasco on the first day of tryouts. Not sure there's an easy way around having some "admin time" during tryouts


PostPosted: 08 Nov 2015, 10:32 

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Been through this.

Safety pin is the best method. And yes, administrative is a concern.

To expedite time, move the start time of your tryout up. If it isn't right after school, have players show up 15-30 minutes ahead of time. Have two print ups of the number (one for first day of tryouts, one for second day of tryouts). Each kid will get the same number both days.

Make sure the safety pin goes high on the number. If it is right in the middle the number will paper will flop down and cover the number.

If you can't get an early start time (tryout is right after school) try to adjust your time so that you will have enough time to run the tryout both days. You can go later, but if you have a bus to catch, that may not work.

In my tryouts, first day was spent trying to separate out the kids who couldn't play at all. We made two cuts. The kids that looked and played and were in the kind of shape that told me they just picked up a basketball yesterday were the first ones cut.

Second day tryouts should allow you to separate your players from the rest.

Hope this helps.

Brian Sass

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