3 PG Offense
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Author:  jacketcoach [ 21 Mar 2019, 10:00 ]
Post subject:  3 PG Offense

First post here.

Next year, our most talented five will include 3 kids who have played a good deal of PG for us last year. The only "true" PG in the group is a 6'3" rising sophomore who is our best passer with the highest IQ. However, he is growing into a large frame and is not very quick. The other two are small and lightning quick, but are more "score first" attackers who put a lot of pressure on everyone's transition defense. They're all great kids, but they're kids, and the role of "PG" is important to all of them to one degree or another.

I am considering doing something a little unconventional and I wanted to hear others' thoughts.

I'm thinking of having my "true" PG inbound the ball to the closest of the other two, who would instantly become the "pusher" and attack in transition. If the pusher can beat the D back and score, great. If he can't do that (or head man someone running an outside lane), my secondary break would have the "pusher" hit my trailing PG to initiate the offense. I'm essentially replacing my 4 in my transition attack with my PG (which will be fine, since we don't have a true 4 or 5 anyway).

Anybody done something like this before due to personnel?

Author:  JeffHaefner [ 25 Mar 2019, 06:34 ]
Post subject:  Re: 3 PG Offense

I have not done that but we have had everyone on our team play PG. So whoever is closet to the ball is PG. If you steal it or get the rebound, you become the PG. If there's a made shot, the person closest to basket gets ball to inbound it and the person closest to him becomes the PG.

Then we fills wings first and then post. Whoever is closest to right wing takes, that. Same with left wing. Wings are priority. Then next person becomes rim runner.

It doesn't work perfect and sometimes there is confusion about positions but it gets everyone running different positions and allows us to get ball up fast.

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