1st time coach - need a recommendation on offensive play
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Author:  rwdnp [ 24 Sep 2015, 06:37 ]
Post subject:  1st time coach - need a recommendation on offensive play

First time coach with a first time practice today! We generally only meet one time per week for a recreational league game but I have scheduled a practice so we can go over at least one offensive play. These are high school age players so may have had some exposure to plays in the past.

I need something simple but effective (as I said we aren’t meeting frequently to practice). Of my eight players seems I have 2 good shooters and one stand-out natural guy who can both drive and shoot. Which offensive one or two plays would you recommend I should teach my team if I have one hour to get us started? Thanks.

Author:  JeffHaefner [ 25 Sep 2015, 05:37 ]
Post subject:  Re: 1st time coach - need a recommendation on offensive play

With such little time, they're pretty much gonna have to go out there and "just play". There's not enough time to teach a "set play". They'll need to run some type of motion. And if they do learn a "set play", the opponent will figure it out pretty quick and your team will become predictable.

I see three options you can choose from...

1) Just tell them to keep spacing, move the ball, and take good shots. Simply have them play and emphasize those three things... especially spacing and ball movement. Players will have to cut, screen, and move to get open (just move and keep spacing).

2) Put them in an alignment of your choice (5 out, 4 out and 1 post, or 3 out and 2 posts). Then apply the same rules as above in #1. Maybe show them a few situations of screens they can do. Beyond that let them play.

3) Teach a simple 5 out pass and cut offense.

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