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PostPosted: 10 Oct 2017, 23:35 

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Hi, our youth 5th grade girls coaches decided to go to A/B team. And 4 coaches coach together, well that didn't sit over to well with many parents from the B team since one these are 10/11 year olds and 2 they were coaching at the same time. So myself and another parent stepped up and we are coaching now. We are doing only fundamentals right now. 2 have never played, 4 are pretty good but need a little work, then 2 that needs work but gets the idea of basketball. Our first game is in 3 weeks. We are working on dribbling, passing, layouts/free throws. Right now. What are some good easy drills, and what are a few good plays we could teach them? We have 2 90 minute practices a week and only half court. A team gets the other half during the same time.

PostPosted: 11 Oct 2017, 06:17 
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- For dribbling, teach them cross overs, change of speeds (ex: stop and go move), and retreat dribble. If you can get moe advanced, great. But start there. Any drills work. You can start stationary, then go to zig zag, cones, etc. Doesn't matter... just get them dribbling with eyes up and practices the moves.

Next play 1v1 types of games to practice the dribbling. You can try 1v1 advancement. If needed adjust the drills so they can succeed 25-75% of the time.

- Passing. Partner passing is the simplest. Beyond that I like keep away and no dribble drills. 3v1 no dribble or keep away, etc. Adjust number of defenders based on ability.

- Pivoting drills:
or spin outs with shooting near the basket:

If you want more drills, we have tons of them. Check out my blog and/or these products:

If you have questions about the products let us know.

- For plays, don't run them. Waste of time and not good for development. Run a simple motion offense giving them freedom. Teach and emphasize spacing, ball movement, and player movement. Practice cuts and screens in the context of your skill practice. Don't worry about it being sloppy. Just keep emphasizing spacing, player movement, and skill development... that is best for their long term development. If you need a play for end of game, you can do this:

Hope this helps.

Jeff Haefner

PostPosted: 26 Oct 2017, 10:12 

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For plays, i highly encourage looking up some 5-Out Open Post continuity sets. It gives all of your kids the chance to play and develop and if your kids get good at basket cutting most teams will have a hard time defending a strong basket cut.

Also, if you look up games based approach to teaching basketball you will find tons of games and drills. A great idea is to practice basic fundamentals then reinforce them with a game. 4 on 4 or 5 on 5 no dribble is probably the best passing, spacing, getting open, and defensive drill I have ever used.

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