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PostPosted: 03 Jun 2010, 09:54 
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One thing I learned in my first year as the head boys varsity coach ( high school ) is that they will do in games whatever you allow them to do in PRACTICE.

Make them practice the way you want them to play... HARD and SMART. If you want 3 ball reversals in practice.... make sure it gets done..... believe me in games it will make a lot of difference. And yes, can you loosen up a bit in games.... OF COURSE. The idea is to get them the best shot possible and sometimes you get your best shooter open in 1 or 2, the situation of the game dictates what you allow also.

Play that scrimmage game I described before... game to 6, everyone has to score before anyone can make the final basket... do it with a dribble and without dribbling. Force them to be TEAM players. AND the leaders will step up here too.... they will make sure they get the lesser shooter a good shot because they want to win. I did this in my camps and you would have smiled to see 5-8th graders working together and getting other kids shots.

IF you have control of your team and they believe in your philosophy..... you will get what you want out of them.

PostPosted: 04 Jun 2010, 13:16 
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Here is an article that might help these players and your team.

You Are a Warrior When…

You don’t care if you are the one who sets the screen or the one who hits the winning three, because fulfilling your role, whatever that role is, is most important

You have a desire to excel for the benefit of those relying on you.

You have an unquenchable need to exceed your past limitations.

You play without the option of defeat.

You play and know, without a doubt, that you competed like a champion.

You understand your commitment to your teammates.

You understand that basketball is a team sport.

You finish playing and only your body leaves the floor your heart and soul are captured within the game.

You will exchange your blood, sweat, and tears for the benefit of the team.

You understand the irrelevance of individual awards.

You would rather encourage a teammate to success than benefit personally from his mistakes.

Your respect for the game outweighs your personal ego.

You make mistakes and use them to improve instead of using them as excuses.

Your ability to make your teammates better increases each time you play.

You do the little things right when nobody is watching.

You serve your teammates with unselfish motives.

You understand your role and strive to perform it better.

You have done all you can and still feel you haven’t done enough.

You play with pain without creating a scene.

You give more than what is asked and take less than what is deserved.

Your effort is constant and your play is consistent regardless of the situation.

You think you can, and you do.

PostPosted: 12 Jul 2010, 17:10 

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Just like any skill you're trying to teach a player, you want to catch them doing it right and get EXCITED! Make a BIG deal when those two players pass the ball. I also like the idea of tracking passes/assists and pointing that out after a game. Coach Sar's Warrior list is awesome, handing that out as required reading and reviewing it every practice is something I plan on doing.


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