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PostPosted: 13 Oct 2014, 20:58 

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Tonight was the first night of practice with my 4th & 5th grade girls team. The team is 7/10 full year soccer players with this being the only basketball they play. We played together last year and many of the girls shot two handed so my big focus this year is correct shooting form as I feel that they are finally getting strong enough to shoot on a 10' basket. Since two handed shooting was their biggest problem, I started by having them sit on the ground, hold their arms out and work on having the left hand steadying the ball only and then using just the wrist to flick the ball to their partner while watching the spin. I wanted to break it down to the simplest movements and build up. I thought the drill was going really good-I was really to focus on some girls that were having issues and show them what to look for and how to correct their movements. Until I got to one girl. I don't exactly know how she did it, but she was getting spin on the 'shot', except that it was top spin. I kept showing her how to flick the ball with the wrist and she kept getting top spin on the ball. Her wrist would end in the right position but I think she was doing an upside down J by moving her wrist/hand up while flicking to get the topspin. I kept showing her all that I knew to show her for backspin and she just couldn't understand. I spent a lot of time with her and needed to get to the other 9 players but I'd like some ideas on how to get her to understand about flicking the wrist the correct way. I'm thinking trying to have her dribble while trying to get it to spin but I'm not sure that would work. Any suggestions on how to teach this?

PostPosted: 14 Oct 2014, 05:23 
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You may have to experiment to figure out how to get that across. I generally show players in slow motion how the ball rolls off the finger and the first thing I want is...
- back spin on the ball
- roll of your fingers the same way each time
- hold your follow through

That's it when we start to learn shooting. Then as they get that we build from there.

I'll share two links with you that might help...

This is exactly what I follow to teach our 3rd and 4th grade girls team. It gives you a very simple teaching method and checklist you can print out.

I also use Coaches Eye. Players have no idea they really shoot like that until you show them in slow motion. I wrote up some tips when using it here.

Jeff Haefner

PostPosted: 14 Oct 2014, 08:07 
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When I had problems with some of my players and thier shots.... I had t hem use one hand only. Have t hem start by a wall and shoot against that.... they don't have to worry about making any shots that way...... they can just concentrate on their releasing the ball.

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