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PostPosted: 24 Jan 2018, 14:55 

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Hello! I was hoping you could answer a question for me about your 5 spot
shooting workout. My daughters have nice shooting form, have been practicing
(fairly consistently) for years. They recently started doing your 5 spot
shooting workout, but are getting the same results basically, over and over.
Can you tell me how they can improve (they obviously are practicing so that
they can improve)? My 15-year old is getting around 65% and my 13-year old
is getting around 74% (but she's not going out to the 3-point line, her #5
spot is inside the 3-point line, just because she's younger and we want her
to keep her form good). Im just not sure what to tell them so that they can
get better, although it's nice to see consistency. Thank you.

PostPosted: 24 Jan 2018, 20:39 
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Those are pretty good percentages. But % in practice doesn't matter (other than for building confidence). All that matters is the transfer to games.

Since it sounds like they have established good form and results with that drill, I would suggest incorporating a lot of random and dynamic practice. There are so many drills for this.

The simplest way to explain is make the shooting workout like a game. I really like the 5 spot for "building a shot" and improving mechanics. But you also need to incorporate dynamic drills.

In a game you always shoot from different locations and distances. You also have to make decisions (do I have space to shoot? should I pass? should I attack of the dribble?). You also have defenders contesting shots and speeding things up. I'd start using drills that incorporate all these things.

Also, when doing the 5 spots workouts are they moving or just standing and catching? Adding game like movements are also important.

Jeff Haefner

PostPosted: 25 Jan 2018, 22:18 

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I'm a big fan of the round-the-world shooting drill. Similar to 5 spot, but you're actually doing a round-the-world type deal. Starting just out from the blocks and moving out a bit from there and ending with the last round of shots from the 3 point line.

One player shooting and another player/coach/dad/mom with a ball in hand passing as soon as the shot is made and rebounding the shot. It moves at a good pace that way.

Depends upon the endurance of the kids, but you could start with 5 shots from each spot (ending on a swish) and try 10 from each spot the next go around. You end up shooting a lot of shots and the kids should be tired after that many shots. Sounds kinda strange but as long as the form is there, shooting that many shots can produce great results in a game. I usually advocate doing it a day or two before a game.


PostPosted: 26 Jan 2018, 09:02 

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Thanks for the replies! Our main goal in doing this drill has been working on confidence and moving on to the next shot after a couple of misses (staying positive). And then transferring this over to games is another matter. They are both good shooters, but don't get many opportunities to take shots in games with their current teams. They get open for shots, but teammates would rather drive through a crowd than pass to the open girl. We'll work on more game-like situations in shooting practice, now that they see that their shooting is consistently pretty good (they have been standing in the spots, we just wanted to get some reps in, as you say, for building confidence). It seems difficult to make the leap from success in practice to success in games, but I will say things are improving in games, even with their limited opportunities. Their club teams this Spring should be a lot more about the entire game, rather than just driving for layups repeatedly, even when there's a crowd in the way and girls are open for shots..

PostPosted: 26 Jan 2018, 13:46 

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jillm wrote:
Thanks for the replies! Our main goal in doing this drill has been working on confidence and moving on to the next shot after a couple of misses (staying positive).

I neglected to mention those 5 or 10 shots from each spot are made shots before moving to the next spot. So, you're getting a ton of shots including the misses. You can knock that down to 3 made shots per spot and still get a lot of shots. That drill might be a bit intense considering your last comments. It can, however, produce some incredible muscle memory and after a bit, when the shots start to fall, the confidence moves up.

Just as a reference point (which is off the charts I know) Steph Curry shoots around 2,000 shots per week. If you did nothing else other than getting in a decent amount of shots in rapid succession before games, I'm pretty confident you'd see the results in a game.


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