Kevin Durant and Steve Nash Discuss What It Takes To Become Great

By Joe Haefner

Here are some key points from the conversation between Kevin Durant and Steve Nash…


Approach To Practicing and Workouts

Even Kevin Durant struggled to improve; there were a lot of players that were better.  He worked harder than everybody else.

Engage with your workout partners.  Challenge each other and push each other to get better.

Approach your workouts with an intensity of a game.

If I take days off, I feel like I’m getting worse.

The days that you don’t want to workout and you still workout… those are the days that you win.


Practicing Moves and Instincts

When you practice a move, it doesn’t happen during a game after a practice.  It takes a lot of practice to have it work during a game.

The game is played with instincts.  Practice so much that your moves become instinctual.


How To Handle Missing Shots

When you miss shots, you have to act like you don’t care.  If you miss, be ready to make the next shot.  This mentality is born from a lot of work.



JJ Watt On Striving For Greatness – “Success is not owned. It is leased and rent is due every day.”

By Joe Haefner

There is some really good stuff on what it takes to be great in this interview with JJ Watt. There is a reason that he’s one of the best players in the NFL.

“Success is not owned. It is leased and rent is due every day.”

“Every single day someone is coming for your job. Someone is coming for your greatness. If you are the greatest, someone wants to be the greatest. If you are not constantly improving your game someone else is and someone wants to take your spot.”

“As teammates, help each other achieve greatness.”

“Some people chase money. Some chase fame. Some chase greatness.”