Why Kyle Korver Is One Of The Best Shooters In The World

By Joe Haefner

From Chicago Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau:

“It’s a tribute to the way he works at it, the way he studies, prepares; his offseason conditioning work he puts in is incredible. It’s not an accident what he’s doing. Everyone knows it’s coming. He knows how to get open, he plays for the team. He’s a star in his own way; he’s always embraced his role, always played for the team, a great pro. The numbers say that (he’s among the elite all time shooters).”


Hawks coach Mike Budenholzer:

“Kyle’s getting better. His footwork, ability to read screens, understand the offense. He’s an incredible shooter. I was blown away with how he shot it last year and now percentage wise he’s shooting it even better. The league has had some pretty amazing shooters without getting into names. For me in a season and 20, 25 games, I personally haven’t seen anyone on a night in and night out shoot it better.”


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